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With our career planning, based in Derby, we follow the S.P.E.A.R model, in which we help you to know yourself, before moving forward to where you want to be.


We encourage and teach you to truly know yourself. We help you identify your strengths, your preferences, motivations and values, to develop a truthfully accurate self-assessment.


You'll learn about your passions, what truly inspires you and how that will lead on to discovering your life's purpose.


We'll help you develop the skills, qualities and attributes that you need in order to transform your position and evolve into a new version of yourself.


You'll develop the courage and the self-confidence to take action and take control over your life, stepping out of your comfort zone to make change happen.


We'll equip you with the mental tools to reflect on all of the above, throughout and after the process has ended. You'll review feedback, learn from your mistakes and recalculate your plans as you go.


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Having seen John in action with his training, I can say hands down that he knows his stuff.  The team appreciated the insights he was able to give, and I have noticed a real difference in the team approach to projects. With the increase in productivity, the business is growing substantially.

Stuart Vaughan

Managing Director Waikato, New Zealand.


John has a wonderful way of challenging others and, using the basic principles of NLP, subtly coaches them through the relevant personal development processes needed to achieve their goals. As well as lasting impressions, the people that work with John are left with tools and techniques that they can apply in their everyday lives to enable continuous improvement.

Michael Clark

Business Leader Perth, Western Australia






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Identify your true sense of direction by aligning your skills, competence, attributes, preferences and qualities to your purpose and passion. Through our courses for career planning, based in Derby, you will collect and develop those skills, competences, attributes, preferences and qualities on your journey. You'll drive toward your goal with direct action, checking once in a while into your rear-view mirror to reflect on the journey travelled. You will know when you have arrived at your first destination! This, in essence, will be your personal strategy. Not only do you have to know where you are going, you have to know why!  We can work out how, on route!






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The packages are different from your standard training course. Training implies that you simply learn how to do something. Development means broadening and reinforcing your skills, attitudes and confidence, all within yourself. Through independent study you'll learn to think critically about yourself and discover your path to career development with our visual presentations and workbooks.

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If you're a company director or owner of an SME and are looking to develop the abilities of your team or expand your own personal horizons, we can help you. Perhaps you've tried the “lean” approach and are finding yourselves reverting to type? Whatever the challenge, we can provide advice and assistance.

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If you're an individual looking to make a change of career path, just finishing University or are a couple of years removed from it and haven't ended up quite where you'd like to be, our courses for career planning, based in Derby but available worldwide, can help you gain the skills to make the change you want and get yourself back on track.

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Impact Consulting is passionate about seeing people grow. No matter which walk of life you're from, we love to see you grow and change from who you are into the person you want to be. As your career development coach, we can help you take control over your life and build self-confidence. We can also assist people in their personal and career development. The power is already in your hands but, sometimes, you need an extra helping hand in bringing it out. That's where our career planning, based in Derby, comes in, encouraging your personal growth and helping you MAKE THAT CHANGE







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We make sure that we're always at the cutting edge of personal development coaching and we're proud to share with you a whole host of really useful tools to help you grow and change. There's a lot to read but, with our courses for career planning, based in Derby but available nationwide, we can help you dissect it and learn, fostering your personal and career development as we go.

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