7 Insights To Unbreakable Confidence

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Develop your plan of action and take that step towards unbreakable confidence

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Lack of confidence can happen to all of us. It might be that we have not been able to develop confidence just yet. It could be that we have lost confidence. Whatever it is, this development package will provide 7 insights to build or re-build confidence in specific area of your life. This is a power-point presentation with talk over and also has a PFD workbook that is associated with it. Whilst the presentation lasts for approximately 40 minutes, it will take you a fair bit longer to reflect and complete the exercises embedded through the presentation. These exercises can be found in the PDF attachment. You will develop a plan of action that if followed will help you to develop an unbreakable confidence.

What's Included: 

  • Unbreakable confidence workbook
  • Video Link
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