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If you feel you have reached a dead-end with your career or you feel you have reached your limit.  Maybe you feel you have been overlooked, unlucky or even feel you are not capable of taking control of your career, this is right where you need to be. Maybe you do not know what you want in a career or maybe you do not believe you can attain it.  If you are confused and curious, if you are ready for something new, if you are prepared to take responsibility, then this is exactly for you. The SPEAR model, if followed correctly will take you on a journey of self-discovery, so that you are able to understand what motivates you, what inspires you and how you manage yourself in a variety of situations.  You will discover what is holding you back and more importantly, the direction of travel.  You will identify things that you are passionate about and the types of activities you prefer.  You will identify and develop your strengths that will help to move you to a more favourable position in your career and life.  You will identify areas where you get better results than before but with less effort.  You will explore your hidden potential and uncover what is truly inside of you.  You will overcome procrastination, build confidence to take action, try new things, meet new people and develop a personal strategy for career / life success.  The SPEAR model will facilitate you in your endeavours to commit to a life of personal development and never feel trapped, stuck, unhappy or stagnate ever again.  His programme will transform your career and life!

What's Included: 

  • 6 recordings as below:
  • 4 workbooks – for self-study, Passion, Evolve, (Action & reflection).
  • Email support with John for 6 weeks from purchase of the package.


S Self Study – part 1 and 2

To truly know yourself, strengths, preferences, motivation, values and accurate self-assessment.

P Passion

To identify your passion and life’s purpose

E Evolve

To identify and develop skills, qualities and attributes to transform your position

A Action

To develop the courage to take action, step out of the comfort zone to make change happen

R Reflection

To reflect on the above, review feedback, learn from mistakes and re-calculate and plan.

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