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Talent Management is all the rage!

We have heard about talent management in large organisations for many years now, but there seems to be a difference of opinion of what it is and how it is operationalised.   more  

Is work Natural?

Sometimes work feels difficult, stressful, boring, overwhelming, hard, or maybe we are just ready for a change.  more  

5 top tips for optimised time management

There are not enough hours in the day, right! Could use an extra day in the week? Well, for most of us we get 24 / 7. So really when people talk about time management they are r...  more  

Personal Strategy

Personal strategy for getting what you want.  more  

Manage the Internal Critic

Manage your thoughts and emotions. They are key to the quality of your future!  more  

Can Victims Be Mindful?

Taking full responsibility and taking corrective action. Be Aware, Adjust and Act.  more  

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