wooden cubes with change written on them. 

Dealing With Change

Teach yourself to deal with change and open yourself to new possibilities

What's Included: 

  • Dealing with Change Workbook
  • Video Link


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 You Will Learn To:

1. Avoid some changes by negating the circumstances

2. Manage your stress levels whilst negotiating personal change.

3. Take control of any situation.

4. Make the best of the present circumstances.

5. Quickly move on to a better place.

6. Create a better outcome and realistic transformation.




What Impact Consulting Offers:

Dealing with change is something we will all have to deal with throughout our lives. Whilst this material mainly pertains to changes in career and employment, the learning from this can be applied to any aspect of life.

This is a power-point presentation with talk over and also has a PFD workbook that is associated with it. Whilst the presentation lasts for approximately 30 minutes, it will take you a fair bit longer to reflect and complete the exercises embedded through the presentation.

These exercises with additional information can be found in the PDF attachment. You will reflect upon times of change from past experience or change you are currently facing.

You will use techniques such as the circle of change, SWOT and the Aaapt model to consider new ideas, a different perspective, new possibilities.

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